Paul Horton

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It wasn't until the autumn of 1997 that I turned professional, dedicating for the first time ever, all of my energy into my art. I held a major one-man retrospective exhibition in the summer of 1998 entitled 'All in a Life's Work', which was a personal selection of paintings representing my artistic journey.

'The Journeyman' was the first of my paintings to combine a character within a street scene. This has led to a new style of subject matter based on street life, whether reflecting everyday happenings or capturing the nostalgia of an industrial age. I like to think there is a poignancy and spirit within these works.

Growing up in Birmingham in the sixties and seventies has given me so many memories to draw upon; it has given me my identity and working class ethic. The working man in my industrial street scenes is an iconic figure reflecting the industrial age, but it could be in any city or any town.

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Paul Horton, The Big Top


Paul Horton, The Painted Sky (Canvas)


Paul Horton, The Painted Sky


Paul Horton, The Open Road


Paul Horton, The Open Road (Canvas)


Paul Horton, Tumbling Down


Paul Horton, The Lost Kingdom


Paul Horton, The Simple Life


Paul Horton, The Tree Of Life (Remarqued)


Paul Horton, A Beautiful Dark


Paul Horton, A Thing Called Love


Paul Horton, Everything To Me


Paul Horton, Grandad's World


Paul Horton, Somewhere Down The Road


Paul Horton, The Red Sun


Paul Horton, Love And Hope, The Museum Portfolio


Paul Horton, Who Would Have Believed It


Paul Horton, Smugglers Cove


Paul Horton, The Long And Winding Road


Paul Horton, The Best Of Days (Remarqued)


Paul Horton, Safe And Sound - Day


Paul Horton, Safe And Sound - Night


Paul Horton, Emporium Of The Imagination


Paul Horton, Captain Of My Heart




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