Neil Dawson

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As with many people, I had always loved art as a child and while growing up at school. I continued my formal artistic education at Central Saint Martins College in London and continue to learn on a daily basis in the studio. The Foundation Course was a very interesting and enjoyable year even though I struggled with some aspects of the course and, at the time, it put me off pursuing a career in art. I had enjoyed the freedom, spontaneity and escapism of painting and the way I could lose myself in the creative process. I did not know how to talk about my work and to an extent I did not want to - I would rather people make their own mind up and take what they want from my work rather than me telling them what they should be thinking and seeing. Discussing, dissecting and, to an extent, justifying what I was doing just seem alien and troubling to me. After the spell at art college I went on do a degree in economics and a job in banking and I didn’t pick up a paint brush for many years.

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Neil Dawson, City Splendour II


Neil Dawson, No Sleep In My Dreams


Neil Dawson, River Panorama


Neil Dawson, Twilight Reflections


Neil Dawson, City Icons - Ben


Neil Dawson, Towers Over London


Neil Dawson, Midnight Adventure NYC


Neil Dawson, St Paul's Moonlight


Neil Dawson, Electric Avenue


Neil Dawson, Grand Canal


Neil Dawson, Venetian Reflections


Neil Dawson, The Bay Bridge


Neil Dawson, In A New York Minute


Neil Dawson, London City Rush


Neil Dawson, Twilight Taxi


Neil Dawson, Homeward Bound


Neil Dawson, West End Reflections


Neil Dawson, Urban Dawn


Neil Dawson, Capital View


Neil Dawson, Canal Reflections


Neil Dawson, Lights Of London


Neil Dawson, Empire State


Neil Dawson, Parisienne Twilight


Neil Dawson, St Paul's Skyline




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