Tom Butler

tom butler portrait

In 2004, Tom and his wife took a holiday in the South of France and visited a beautiful town called Uzès. Tom was mesmerised by the light, colour and texture of the place. Bright awnings and parasols amongst weathered stone buildings, with shuttered facades and crumbling masonry. And 'les publicitésanciennes' - huge, faded adverts from bygone days that used to be hand painted onto the sides of buildings. Tom says: "Maybe this is where my attraction to having text within a painting began. Every angle of this town was an artist's delight. With photos galore, I set about recreating what I'd experienced as soon as I returned. The resulting artwork proved successful with local galleries and ultimately paved the way for my love of capturing cityscapes. Tom Butler the artist was born here!"

Tom's technique and style have evolved enormously over the years. He moved into using mixed media early on, and the collage style is now an integral part of his work.

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Tom Butler, Whitehall Flow


Tom Butler, Subliminal Messages


Tom Butler, High Spirits


Tom Butler, Taking Manhattan


Tom Butler, Sunbeams Tower Bridge


Tom Butler, To Infinity And Beyond


Tom Butler, London Sprawling


Tom Butler, Purple Haze


Tom Butler, Twilight Panorama


Tom Butler, Catch Of The Day, Polperro


Tom Butler, Bobbing Boats, Polperro


Tom Butler, Wish You Were Here


Tom Butler, Wetminster


Tom Butler, Murky Monday


Tom Butler, Pride Of Manhattan


Tom Butler, Boulevard Boules


Tom Butler, 5 O'Clock Shadows


Tom Butler, View FromThe Tate




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