Craig Alan

craig alan portrait

Craig's extraordinary artistic vision is created with a unique combination of technical skill, creativity and wit. His 'famous faces in a crowd' show icons of the stage and screen recreated in dozens, sometimes hundreds of small and intricately painted exquisite figures. These figures become the fabric with which he weaves highly complex compositions.

Craig was originally inspired by some photographs he had been taking from the sixth-floor balcony of an apartment in Alabama, observing the shifting shapes in the crowds below. In one shot, a group of people appeared to have formed an eye on the screen, and this started his creative wheels turning.

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Craig Alan, Gridlock


Craig Alan, The Underdog


Craig Alan, By Royal Appointment


Craig Alan. Loving You


Craig Alan, Fair Lady


Craig Alan, Some Like It Hot


Craig Alan, Tower Of Strength


Craig Alan, People's Parliament


Craig Alan, The Blonde


Craig Alan, The Brunette


Craig Alan, The Timepiece




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