Jen Allen

jen allen portrait

Jen’s work is lively and appealing and has won her a worldwide following. Her inspirational iconic images have a power and immediacy that is enhanced by a distinctive black and white palette, bringing a dynamic bold quality to each composition.

Jen graduated from the Bournemouth Institute of Art and has been working as a full time artist since 2000. As she developed her artistic and technical skills she found that spontaneity was a huge contributor to much of her best work and began to concentrate on creating pieces at a single sitting. “Working this way gives my pieces a sense of immediacy which lends character to my art” she comments. Much of her work originates in this way, before she refines and perfects the finished composition.

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Jen Allen, White Stripes


Jen Allen, Lion King


Jen Allen, The Showgirl


Jen Allen, The IT Girl


Jen Allen, Narnia


Jen Allen, Rocky




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