Gabe Leonard

gabe leonard portrait

Gabe Leonard's paintings draw us into a world rich with cinematic atmosphere and narrative intrigue. Attracted to the rugged and romantic elements of film noir, he merges technically brilliant figurative painting with a finely crafted ambience, creating a freeze frame full of narrative possibilities. He captures the richness of the mood by combining the free brushwork of an expressive artist with the lighting and framing of a seasoned Hollywood director.

Gabe spent his formative years in the mountain state of Wyoming, sketching wildlife and selling the pictures to friends. After graduating from Columbus College, Ohio with a BA in Fine Art he moved to Los Angeles where he began to hone his skills on the ultra-competitive boardwalk of Venice Beach.

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Gabe Leonard, It Takes More Than Talent


Gabe Leonard, Point Instance


Gabe Leonard, The Professional


Gabe Leonard, Corner Pocket


Gabe Leonard, An Educated Guess


Gabe Leonard, Closers Only


Gabe Leonard, Like A Boss


Gabe Leonard, Alibi


Gabe Leonard, Against The World


Gabe Leonard, Shark Tank


Gabe Leonard, Lip Gloss Is For Girls




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