Jeremy Sanders

jeremy sanders portrait

By using a range of cultural reference points such as vintage cars and distinctive architecture, Jeremy Sanders transports us to the streets of Cuba, where the blazing sunlight sharpens the shadows and intensifies the rich, bright colours. He works from a memory enriched by extensive travelling, and is inspired by the colours of the Tropics and of Cuba in particular. He is also influenced by American realism, especially Edward Hopper's atmospheric urban landscapes of the 1940s.

Jeremy works solely in oils, as they allow him a broad, luxuriant application of paint and satisfy his desire to represent colour and light with accuracy. He uses fragments of credit cards, creating a tool with similar qualities to that of a palette knife. In addition to the broad, flat strokes however, they offer the detail that the point of the brush provides, with their sharp edges and pointed corners.

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Jeremy Sanders, Cuban Classics I


Jeremy Sanders, Cuban Classics II


Jeremy Sanders, Cuban Classics III


Jeremy Sanders, Cuban Classics IV


Jeremy Sanders, Streets Of Havana II


Jeremy Sanders, Streets Of Havana I




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