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I was a moderately quiet child growing up in Keighley, Yorkshire. I say moderately only because I grew up in a family full of girls and feathers often ruffled, especially in cases of critical importance, namely clothes and records! My mother was an excellent seamstress and I loved watching her painstakingly measure, cut, pin and sew pieces of fabric which evolved into the most exquisite dresses. I would often sit under her sewing table watching her foot press down on the pedal of her sewing machine and listen attentively to her stories. My mum, originally from Pakistan, often told stories to keep us quite when she needed to work. Her storytelling carried me to a benign world full of hope and love but often with a foreboding and creeping sadness that lay untold.

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Shazia, Sara (Canvas)


Shazia, Sara


Shazia, Fawn


Shazia, Vida


Shazia, Edie


Shazia, Edie (Canvas)


Shazia, Joel


Shazia, Joel (Canvas)


Shazia, Mo


Shazia, Mo (Canvas)


Shazia, Brothers


Shazia, Alvi


Shazia, Sisters


Shazia, Dylan


Shazia, Portrait Of Miss Bourget


Shazia, Flanna


Shazia, Albertine


Shazia, Albertine (Canvas)


Shazia, Otto


Shazia, Otto (Canvas)


Shazia, Flanna (Canvas)


Shazia, Marjolein


Shazia, Marjolein (Canvas)


Shazia, Didi





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