inam portrait

Forests shrouded in mist and silver birches glowing in the moonlight are the subjects of Inam's exquisite and atmospheric oil paintings which blend colours and textures to mesmerising effect.

Born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan, Inam learned the fundamentals of sketching and painting at a young age. An influential art teacher ensured he was given a solid technical and creative grounding, and encouraged him to pursue his outstanding talent. Keen to absorb as much of the world as he could, he travelled and attended three very different art schools in London, Istanbul and Atlanta, Georgia. From each of these he took away something specific, both in terms of inspiration and discipline and they all played an integral role in forming his future style.

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Inam, Spring Light


Inam, Summer Warmth


Inam, Autumn Moment


Inam, Winter Wonder


Inam, Woodland Whispers


Inam, Vibrant Shades


Inam, Spring Journey


Inam, Summer Quest


Inam, Autumn Adventure


Inam, Winter Wanderer


Inam, Forest Glow


Inam, Emerald Glow


Inam, Winter Light


Inam, Autumn Shades


Inam, Golden Summer


Inam, Verdant Spring


Inam, Snow Shadows


Inam, Winter Dreams


Inam, Autumn Splendour


Inam, Summer Glory


Inam, Spring Promise


Inam, Forest Green


Inam, Burnished Gold


Inam, Midsummer Green




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