Dale Bowen

dale bowen portrait

Dale was born Staffordshire 1963, where he still lives. Always interested in painting from an early age he went on to study art at Newcastle under Lyme college.

He is a master potter has worked in the industry for over 20 years, firstly for Coalport China and for Wedgwood for the last 15 years. Working for Wedgewood in the working in the Prestige Department he created many one-off pieces for the collectors market and commissions. Many of these pieces were highly decorated and exclusive, fetching in some cases in excess of £100,000. More recently he gained a masters degree in ceramics at Staffordshire Uiniversity and exhibited privately in New York, Washington and San Francisco, including an Exclusive masterpiece collection in Japan for Wedgwood.

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Dale Bowen, Quay Steps (Original)


Dale Bowen, To The Inn (Original)


Dale Bowen, Catch Of The Day (Original)


Dale Bowen, Chimney Pots (Original)


Dale Bowen, Quayside Terrace I


Dale Bowen, Quayside Terrace I (Canvas)


Dale Bowen, Quayside Terrace II


Dale Bowen, Quayside Terrace II (Canvas)




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