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In life, we are lucky if we find our passion, something we love to do. Sarah-Jane Szikora discovered this thing aged 4, in hospital. Eyes bandaged from surgery, there was a crayon in her hand, and despite the obvious handicap she was drawing pictures. Many years later this passion is thriving.

After leaving school, Sarah-Jane attended Northern art colleges, specialising in illustration.

There followed a small business venture making 3D sculptures and a first foray into the world of art publishing.

In 1993 the decision was made to dedicate herself to her dream of working as an artist, and has done so ever since.

Sarah-Jane has had several major UK exhibitions and regular showcases in Selfridges and Harrods. Galleries across the UK and more recently in the US, have supported the lovable little gingerbread along with his selected fat and skinny friends. Her artwork has successfully been reproduced as limited edition prints, sculpture, Royal Worcester ceramic ware, jigsaws, stationery and a hardback book.

Living and working in Gateshead, the North East of England has always been Sarah Jane’s home.

Outrageously exaggerated figures and animals, naughty food and gingerbread men form the main subjects in the artwork created by Sarah-Jane. Painted in vibrant, sweet shop colours, her amusing take on the human condition would challenge even the sternest individual not to crack a smile.

Her larger than life figures mingle with tiny beings of the human, animal or edible variety, each painting offers intricate detail and a quirkiness that makes Sarah-Jane’s work instantly recognisable.

Commenting on her ‘fat ladies’ she says, "There is an obsession in our society about appearance, everyone is on a diet or opting for cosmetic improvements. Why is it we dislike ourselves so much?"

She should know, after struggling with the eating disorder bulimia from her teens to her early thirties, there was plenty to consider. Despite finally leaving this unhappy condition behind, the legacy of that disorder is plainly visible right through her art, the distorted bodies, tiny heads, a deep fascination for food and our relationship with it.




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