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sarah graham

I remember staring out from the front gate as a child watching the other children playing in the street wondering where my future would take me. Since graduating in 2000 I have been practising my art as a full time career, and I am now beginning to realise that the dream of spending my life painting has become a reality.

I was extremely conscientious at school, always trying my hardest and as a result doing well in most subjects. Art was no exception, but it was different, it came naturally to me. I didn't need to try, and more importantly I loved it. At home my sister and I were constantly painting, drawing, or making something, the desire to create was a driving force in me that's hard to explain. Fortunately our dad spotted this passion in us at an early age, and would buy us endless art supplies. We were a working class family, with little spare money to spend on expensive past times and holidays, so days were dominated by art and creativity.

After school, I studied for a foundation course in art and design, followed by a BA (hons) in Fine Art at De Montfort University, Leicester. Whilst studying I organised a public exhibition with my other art students on my course. At the time I was working in a pub, and realised that the empty floors above would make a superb gallery. So with the help of my fellow students (and permission from the brewery), I set up a space from which I began selling work. This experience was invaluable as it helped me to realise that I could make a living from my art. From that point onwards I have been consistently exhibiting and selling my work throughout the UK and abroad, aided by part time work in art shops and galleries. I now live back in my hometown of Hitchin, Hertfordshire, and for the last 2 years I have been painting full time, and now with the support of Washington Green I intend to build on this success




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