Peter Rogers

pr13001_peter_j_rogers_reflections in the rain

Reflections In The Rain

pr13002_peter_j_rogers_reflections in the city

Reflections In The City

pr13003_peter_j_rogers_reflections on the riverbank

Reflections On The Riverbank

pr13004_peter_j_rogers_reflections in the lamplight

Reflections In The Lamplight

pr12001_peter_j_rogers_shadows in the lamplight

Shadows In The Lamplight

pr12002_peter_j_rogers_shadows on the square

Shadows On The Square

pr12003_peter_j_rogers_shadows on the steps

Shadows On The Steps

pr12004_peter_j_rogers_shadows on the sidewalk

Shadows On The Sidewalk

pr12005_peter_j_rogers_grey street reflections

Grey Street Reflections

pr12006_peter_j_rogers_quayside reflections

Quayside Reflections