barry hilton portrait_02

Barry Hilton

Biography: Painting and drawing have always played an important role in my life and although largely self taught, my semi professional career began painting alongside a group of extremely active artists in Cornwall under the guidance of Mr Leonard Rollason. Known affectionately through the art trade as "Rolli" it was he who mentored and kept me going through the early years of learning my trade.

Since those early days in Cornwall subject matter has come and gone though the demand for ships in harbours and victorian gas light street scenes continue.

Refusing to be stereotyped, I have always experimented with new subject matter and recently have had considerable success with beach scenes and landscape in a modern and contemporary style and, I am well represented in private galleries throughout the UK and Europe.

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barry_hilton_red meadows iii

Red Meadows (Original)

bh13003_barry_hilton_textures of gold

Textures Of Gold

bh14001_barry_hilton_golden landscape

Golden Landscape

bh14002_barry_hilton_indigo landscape

Indigo Landscape

bh14003_barry_hilton_umber landscape

Umber Landscape

bh14004_barry_hilton_forest and field

Forest And Field

bh14005_barry_hilton_sunlight and storm clouds

Sunlight And Storm Clouds

bh13002_barry_hilton_textures of indigo

Textures Of Indigo

bh13004_barry_hilton_guiding light

Guiding Light

bh13001_barry_hilton_the gathering storm

The Gathering Storm

heading home_03a

Heading Home (Original)

bh11001_barry_hilton_purple haze

Purple Haze

bh11002_barry_hilton_autumn shower

Autumn Shower

bh11003_barry_hilton_mellow yellow

Mellow Yellow

bh11004_barry_hilton_strawberry fields

Strawberry Fields