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Barry Hilton

The dramatic landscapes of Barry Hilton express emotion and atmosphere with the use of intense colours and bold textural contrasts. His smooth, finely painted skies contrast with the heavy impasto techniques of the land as it appears in his highly coloured foreground.

Barry builds up each composition in layers to give a remarkable, almost ethereal feeling of depth and intensity and that connects with the emotions of the viewer. Effective juxtaposition of differing shades defines each scene to stunning effect, especially when the light falls on to the heavy layer of paint which in turn scatters the light in many directions. The work does not duplicate the actual colours of the landscape, but rather conveys the creative imagination of a genuine and artistic talent.

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bh15001_barry_hilton_mist on the thames

Barry Hilton, Mist On The Thames

bh15002_barry_hilton_first light

Barry Hilton, First Light

bh14006_barry_hilton_cinnamon world

Barry Hilton, Cinnamon World

bh14007_barry_hilton_whispering fields

Barry Hilton, Whispering Fields

bh14008_barry_hilton_indigo world

Barry Hilton, Indigo World

bh14009_barry_hilton_golden world

Barry Hilton, Golden World

barry_hilton_red meadows iii

Barry Hilton, Red Meadows (Original)

bh13003_barry_hilton_textures of gold

Barry Hilton, Textures Of Gold

bh14001_barry_hilton_golden landscape

Barry Hilton, Golden Landscape

bh14002_barry_hilton_indigo landscape

Barry Hilton, Indigo Landscape

bh14003_barry_hilton_umber landscape

Barry Hilton, Umber Landscape

bh14004_barry_hilton_forest and field

Barry Hilton, Forest And Field

bh14005_barry_hilton_sunlight and storm clouds

Barry Hilton, Sunlight And Storm Clouds

bh13002_barry_hilton_textures of indigo

Barry Hilton, Textures Of Indigo

bh13004_barry_hilton_guiding light

Barry Hilton, Guiding Light

bh13001_barry_hilton_the gathering storm

Barry Hilton, The Gathering Storm

barry_hilton_lavender fields iv

Barry Hilton, Lavender Fields IV (Original)


Barry Hilton, Home Sweet Home II (Original)

the path home_02a

Barry Hilton, The Path Home (Original)

heading home_03a

Barry Hilton, Heading Home (Original)

home sweet home_03a

Barry Hilton, Home Sweet Home (Original)

bh11001_barry_hilton_purple haze

Barry Hilton, Purple Haze

bh11002_barry_hilton_autumn shower

Barry Hilton, Autumn Shower

bh11003_barry_hilton_mellow yellow

Barry Hilton, Mellow Yellow

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