New Art Releases: Free Spirits I, II, Majestic Spirits, Wild At Heart, Wild Horses.

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Biography: I was born in Bursa, Turkey in 1958. I can honestly say I have spent most of my childhood days surrounded by horses. The horses my family owned were a very important starting point in my painting career, and I have spent many of my days since drawing them. I have observed their joys, affections and passions very closely. This love of horses took me to study veterinary medicine at University. Whilst studying, I still continued to paint regularly and it remained one of the most important things to me. As I learnt the muscular, organ and bone structure of horses in our anatomy classes, I regularly drew numerous sketches. This provided me with a great opportunity to have a sound foundation for my paintings.... 

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bir10003_birim_free spirits i

Free Spirits I

bir10004_birim_free spirits ii

Free Spirits II

bir10005_birim_majestic spirits

Majestic Spirits

bir10006_birim_wild at heart

Wild At Heart

bir10007_birim_wild horses

Wild Horses